Bookkeeping Goals for Your Business in 2015

At the start of 2015, you’ve probably been thinking about the different ways you can help your business grow and improve in the coming year. For many small businesses, developing better bookkeeping practices isn’t just a critical goal for the new year — it can mean the difference between staying in business and shutting your […]

5 Bookkeeping & Accounting Resolutions for 2015

If your accounting and bookkeeping wasn’t what you wanted for your growing business. Good news! You get to start fresh in 2015. Here are five New Year resolutions that will get you started off right. 1. Automate your bookkeeping and accounting as much as possible. Use a scanner, such as  Neat Receipts to keep track […]

5 Benefits of Working With a Local Accountant

  There are a lot of bookkeeping and accounting software programs available; the cadillac of them being QuickBooks. It is estimated that 80 to 85% of business in the U.S. are using Quick Books for their bookkeeping and accounting (statistic from the website). The original Intuit product was Quicken. Quicken operates as an electronic […]

Hiring an Accountant for Your Ecommerce Business

If your ecommerce business is growing, at a certain point you may decide it is time to hire an ecommerce accountant. An ecommerce accountant will generally have a solid understanding of the ecommerce market and embrace technology, making them an ideal fit for your business. Outsourcing accounting services for your ecommerce business has many advantages. […]

The Cost of Keeping the Books Clean

I am at the end of another crazy, whirlwind season of getting client’s books “cleaned up” and ready to go to the CPA to prepare their income taxes.   One of the most common statements that I hear during this time of year is, “This shouldn’t be so hard, what I am doing wrong?” and “What […]

Adding Small Business Social Media in 2013

There is no doubt and no denying that social media has made a huge impact on our social and economic lives. People have not been as connected since we all lived in close-knit villages our entire lives. We are able to keep up with old friends and meet new. We can live anywhere in the […]

How Much Does a Small Business Accountant Cost?

  There is some confusion in a lot of small business about when to hire a Small Business Accountant, what to expect, and how much services will cost. By far the question we get the most is, “How much does a small business accountant cost?” There are basically three tiers of accounting services that a […]

Share Your Gift!

Victories are sweeter when shared, and difficulties are lessened with encouragement and support. For most of my adult life I have wanted a better gift than the one that God gave me.   I have been envious of the people who bless others with singing, or people who dedicate themselves to healing, or those who fight […]

Virtual Office Tools and Tips

The age of the virtual office is no longer bound in futuristic, sci-fi novels, it is here, today. It is a great tool, with a plethora of anecdotal evidence of its cost efficiency, time efficiency, and increased work output for a company. When your commute to work entails shuffling to your computer in your pajamas […]

Three Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for You (Guest Post by @SophieZo)

Owning your own business requires a lot of hard work. You have so many things on your plate. If you are spending more time on the little stuff and not enough time on your passion and making money, you could use a Virtual Assistant (VA). A VA can handle a number of daily tasks many […]