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Summer Financial Check Up!

As the summer months come rolling in, the last thing people want to think about is their taxes. Didn’t we just finish those anyway? The thing is, as you find out every tax season, your CPA gets pretty busy. That means that right around now is a great time for a mid-year check in with your tax accountant.

Just like you, at this time of year accountants and financial planners are happier and less stressed out. That means they can give you some real attention that you might not get at year end. Rather than just trying to get everyone out the door by tax day, your CPA can actually give you some more personal advice about your financial standing.

Checking in mid-year is also a good way of avoiding any nasty surprises when your tax deadline approaches. If there’s something wrong in your books, finding it now can save you a lot of headaches later down the road. It can be rough when your taxes end up being way above estimate. If you’re lucky it’s because you’re having an unexpected good year, if not you’ll need some time to prepare. Either way by reevaluating your tax estimate now, you have plenty of time to budget for a higher total. Having to do all the adjusting at the end of the year can feel like running into a brick wall.

I know that talking with your CPA is not the top of everyone’s summer to do list, but try it out. It’ll give you confidence knowing your business is on track and you’ll thank yourself later this year when the job is already halfway done!

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